June 3, 2014

Hi all

sorry but this site seems to be a bit broken, with buttons that shouldn’t be there and pictures not there that should be, and things that are stuck in the past. We’re trying to fix it but it’s hard.

Wish us luck!


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January 23, 2014


On the 24th March 2014 I’m getting on a plane. The first stop is New York City, the second stop is Costa Rica and, after that, ANYTHING GOES.

This is exciting in itself, but it’s MOSTLY exciting because this trip is the beginning of a new way for me to learn, discover and create music.

So, I’ve just launched a Patreon campaign which is a brilliant new platform for artists to create ongoing content, and ask their fans for a pledge of patronage in return. I’m going to be writing and recording lots of new songs, and sharing them online, and I’m also using Patreon to deliver them to you as I go.

How it works…


So, i was wondering if maybe you’d like to get involved?


I’m so excited, and nervous, and excited, about this new road in my musical life and I really hope you guys will want to come along for the ride, and help me to keep on creating new music for you.

Love to you, and huge thanks for being here with me

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January 21, 2014


Beautiful people.. hello

I’m so happy to announce my first (and maybe last) tour of 2014 is about to start! There’s a bunch of House Concerts happening and all the dates and details of the public gigs are on my SHOWS page… so check it out & see you there.

We decided it was pretty fitting to call it the ‘Shackles’ tour, seeing as it’s happening right before i make some HUGE changes for a while – which is scary and liberating all at the same time…. more news on all that in about a week.

For now, here’s the new video clip for SHACKLES – filmed by my dearest, Kyle Bruce, and shot in Fremantle, which has been my beautiful home for the last 8 months… not for much longer!

See you soon


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November 19, 2013


Hello I love you!

Here’s what’s happening.

Next year, I’ll be touring Australia with my good friend Benjamin James Caldwell (check him out HERE). Then I’m getting on a plane to New York City where i’ll spend some time songwriting with brilliant people and then, well, many adventures await, which i’ll tell you all about soon

So, i’m wondering, Do You Want To Host A House Concert? or, do you know someone in Australia & New York who will?

If you want to get involved, all you have to do is email the delightful Xanthea on saltystockings@gmail.com before Tuesday 10th December and let her know where you live and that you want to be a Host. She’ll reply with all the info & how it all works, we’ll work out a date & other details together & voila we will have the Best House Concert EVER.

The approximate dates & some specific locations are written below. And, if you know of someone in any of these places that you think might like to get involved, please send them here to have a look… let’s keep this beautiful thing growing!

February – March 2014
Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney & Canberra
(Sam Buckingham & Benjamin James Caldwell)

28th March – 6th April 2014
(Sam Buckingham & quite possibly a special guest or two)

you can ask Xanthea any questions at all saltystockings@gmail.com – and remember to email her by Tuesday 10th December if you want to get involved ok? Ok!


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October 23, 2013


Hi all

the shows with Buffalo Tales start this week and we’re so excited to play in a few venues across the country and a whole bunch of YOUR homes… see you out there!

Venue dates are on the SHOWS page and lookety here, we made another song together…



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