“Winsome songs delivered with empathic delicacy” – Rolling Stone



Made possible by the support of my fans through crowdfunding (can I get a YEEHA), this album is an audio journal of “that time I lived in Latin America for 18 months and wrote an album”.


I did other things too, like working on a turtle conservation project with Sea Shepherd, learning how to paint (ish) learning Spanish (also ish) and completing formal yoga teacher training in Mexico. Oh and I swam with a whale shark which was hands down the best day of my life and I also nearly got suffocated by the toxic gases of a volcano because I didn’t understand the sign that said “DO NOT WALK ON THIS PART OF THE VOLCANO” (I was still figuring out the whole Spanish language thing).


But I survived, and when I got home I made THIS album with the help of some of my favourite musicians and people: Syd Green, Kent Eastwood, Dan Stanley Freeman, Timothy James Bowen & Fanny Lumsden. Thanks friends.


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