Upcycled Fabric. 100% Australian Beeswax. Love.




Handmade and homemade with up cycled cotton, 100% Australian only locally sourced Beeswax and a whole lotta love.


Wrap all your food stuffs, reuse for 6-12 months (maybe even longer) and reduce your plastic use. Also, the fabrics are SO. CUTE.


Small actions, every day, add up to make a BIG difference. If we each act locally, and are mindful with our waste, we WILL make a difference.


Thankyou for supporting independent business and loving our Earth!


* Each pack is unique with gorgeous upcycled fabrics in a huge range of colours and patterns. So, I can’t tell you what designs you’re gonna get, but I CAN say you’ll LOVE it.


* Care instructions are on the back of label.


* Each pack has 1x Small (25 x 25cm), 1x Medium (30 x 28cm), 1x Large wrap (43 x 36cm). Sizes are approximate… handmade y’all!


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