November 19, 2013


Hello I love you!

Here’s what’s happening.

Next year, I’ll be touring Australia with my good friend Benjamin James Caldwell (check him out HERE). Then I’m getting on a plane to New York City where i’ll spend some time songwriting with brilliant people and then, well, many adventures await, which i’ll tell you all about soon

So, i’m wondering, Do You Want To Host A House Concert? or, do you know someone in Australia & New York who will?

If you want to get involved, all you have to do is email the delightful Xanthea on before Tuesday 10th December and let her know where you live and that you want to be a Host. She’ll reply with all the info & how it all works, we’ll work out a date & other details together & voila we will have the Best House Concert EVER.

The approximate dates & some specific locations are written below. And, if you know of someone in any of these places that you think might like to get involved, please send them here to have a look… let’s keep this beautiful thing growing!

February – March 2014
Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney & Canberra
(Sam Buckingham & Benjamin James Caldwell)

28th March – 6th April 2014
(Sam Buckingham & quite possibly a special guest or two)

you can ask Xanthea any questions at all – and remember to email her┬áby Tuesday 10th December if you want to get involved ok? Ok!


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Thank you so much for singing with my guitar-playing son Felix, his sister Lucy and the rest of St Brendan’s Primary School in Flemington yesterday. A treat for all and an inspiration for a couple of music lovers. Regards, Xavier .


Oh Xavier it was my pleasure, i really loved it so much! So great to see the focus & excitement on everyone’s faces :) Hope they stay creative and keep having fun with music xx


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